Heartworm Prevention Once A Year??

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That's right!! Proheart 12 has officially made it's appearance in our office. Proheart 12 is a simple injection given under the skin that lasts an entire year. This product has been tested and found to be safer and more effective. Heartworm disease can be transmitted from an infected mosquito by just a single bite! It can take 7 months or longer before the heartworm can be detected with a standard test. The treatment for heartworm disease is up to 25 times more expensive than most preventatives. These treatments include doctor visits, medication, bloodwork, hospitalization costs, x-rays, and injections.
Proheart 12 can be given to dogs 12 months and older who are heartworm negative. It can be completed at the time of the annual exam and heartworm test or it can be given anytime throughout the year. There are minimal risks and side effects including mild vomiting, or in rare cases allergic reactions such as hives.

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